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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9774857
Mobile: 07710 234086

Fax: 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017

Email: cllr.stan.heptinstall@nottscc.gov.uk



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In part two of the January 2009 update:

County Councillors Re-selected

Brian Wombwell and I have been re-selected to stand again in the County Council elections to be held on 4th June. We are both delighted with the confidence placed in us by our Liberal Democrat colleagues. The County Council elections will be on the same day as the Euro-elections.

Liberal Democrat Priorities for Nottinghamshire

Together with other Liberal Democrat candidates throughout Nottinghamshire Brian and I have identified 10 priorities for a County Council in which our party leads or share the administration, a situation that is a distinct possibility after the election on 4 June. The policies will be widely discussed in the run-up to the election.

Goodbye to PC Mark Hocking

Mark and his family are emigrating to Australia where Mark is joining the police force in Perth. All best wishes to him fort his new life over there and many thanks to him for his concern for us while acting as our Community Police Officer here in Bramcote.

Nottingham’s Workplace Parking Levy

In a letter to all district councils Nottingham City Council has recently reaffirmed its commitment to introducing a Workplace Parking Levy for larger businesses in Nottingham. They believe that despite the recent economic downturn the economic benefits of introducing the scheme are 10x greater than the increased costs to businesses that will result. They affirm that all proceeds will be ringfenced for improve public transport schemes in the greater Nottingham area, including the tram extension to Beeston and Chilwell. (We understand the inspector’s decision on the tram will be published very soon.) Full details are at www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/wpl

Proposed Major Works on the A52 Derby Road

The Highways Agency is consulting currently on their ideas for the A52 Derby Road between the Bramcote Island and the Queens Medical Centre. The purpose of the proposal is “to improve A52 Nottingham inbound journey times”. The proposed works include: upgrading all existing pedestrian crossings; 3 lanes of inbound traffic at the junctions with Thoresby Road and with Wollaton Road by taking away part of the bus lane at both of these locations; full signalisation of the Priory Island again with some loss of bus lane; full signalisation of the QMC roundabout with creation of a short bus lane from the south approach to up to the entrance to the University. I have responded to the consultation by questioning the need for removal of parts of the existing bus lane and to ask about better provision for cyclists travelling in a westerly direction. I would like to hear YOUR views on these proposals.

A52 Noise Reduction

The Highways Agency has contacted me to let me know that it is planned to relay the section of the A52 between Bardill’s Island and the Bramcote Island with a low-noise surface. This something that local residents have been requesting for many years. Great news.

Highways Works in Prospect

The following highway reinstatements and repairs in Bramcote and Stapleford are scheduled to be completed before the end of the current financial year:

Bembridge Court, Bramcote; Bradden Avenue, Stapleford – lighting columns; Bramcote Hills/Park School – footpath; Borlace Crescent, Stapleford; Burnside Drive area, Bramcote – lighting columns; Central Avenue, Stapleford; Chilwell Lane, Bramcote - school zone improvements; Derby Road, Stapleford (Church St to Broad Oak Drive); Moorbridge Lane – interactive sign; Moss Drive, Bramcote; Pasture Road, Stapleford - school access improvements; Pasture Road, Stapleford - Derby Road to Pinfold Lane; Pinfold Lane, Stapleford – lighting columns; Sandy Lane, Bramcote - bridle way and adjoining footpaths; Sandy Lane area, Bramcote – lighting columns; Toton Lane, Stapleford – handrail; William Road, Stapleford; Warrender Close, Bramcote.

So far, Town Street and the Deddington Lane/Denewood Crescent area (about which concerns have been expressed) are not yet on the list, but I have a promise that they will be considered as part of a forthcoming evaluation of the states of the roads in Nottinghamshire.

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Review of Traffic Regulation Orders

The County Council is to review its policy on Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) which includes double yellow lines, residents’ parking schemes and so on. The review is planned for the early part of 2009. Stapleford Town council has asked for early consideration to be given to Stapleford Town Centre where many of the existing TROs seem to make little sense. I am pushing for this to be done as soon as possible.

Name Signs for Roundabouts?

A resident has suggested that it might be an idea to erect a sign indicating the name of a roundabout e.g. the Priory roundabout at Bramcote, and I have asked officers at the County Council to consider this. I have also suggested that, if this were to go ahead, we could put a Robin Hood emblem at the top corner of each name plate. It would help promote the Nottinghamshire image. It could be used on roundabouts in Nottingham as well as the surrounding county. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Bramcote Crematorium Upgrade

The Bramcote Crematorium on Coventry Lane is to receive an upgrade. It has been decided to move ahead with an additional car park, better external lighting, a new flower viewing area and a new Book Room (where the Book of Remembrance will be viewed) with the work to be performed during the new financial year. I am a member of the Bramcote Crematorium Committee and I was one of those who unanimously supported this upgrade.

New crime-mapping website

You might be interested to know that there is a new “crime mapping” website that you can access to view crime levels in different parts of Nottinghamshire, including Bramcote. It is at http://maps.nottinghamshire.police.uk/ On accessing the site all you need to do is put in your postcode and you can see the levels and types of crime averaged over the last three months for which information is available. You can bookmark the site so that you can return every now and then to see how things are progressing. Information is shown for all crime and then split into crime types - burglary, vehicle crime, robbery and violence. Information is also provided on reported incidents of antisocial behaviour. Encouragingly, overall crime in Bramcote and Stapleford is reduced compared with the same period one year ago.  

Attack in Bramcote

A vicious attack took place on a local lad on a Saturday evening in November. The attack was completely unprovoked and he was with a group of three friends.  Five unknown youths are believed to have attacked the group.  This took place on the lane between Bramcote Leisure Centre and Bramcote Park School. Please be warned of the need (even when in groups) to stick to well-lit public areas when out at night.. Your local councillors are pushing for improved lighting in this particular area.

Mini Motos Nuisance

This menace has started up once again in the Moor Lane area with youngsters creating noise and danger for local residents. The police and also the security people at Bramcote Leisure Centre have been informed. Our PCSO Andy Freeman will be keeping an eye out for those involved with a view to confiscating machines from those who are using them illegally.

Vehicle Crime

During just one week in January there were 9 crimes involving vehicles, mainly in the Bramcote Moor area. Please be vigilant and let the police know if something is amiss.

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Household Waste Recycling Centre Permits

Nottinghamshire County Council has introduced a permit system for residents wishing to use a van, pick-up or trailer to take their own waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centres. This system does not apply to cars unless they are towing a trailer. The permit system is being introduced because of a range of issues including the illegal disposal of trade waste. The implementation of this scheme will help reduce congestion, improve health and safety and increase recycling at the sites. It will also enable owners of vans, pick-ups and trailers to use their vehicles to dispose of small amounts of construction waste from their own home, which previously was only allowed when contained within the boot of a car. You can download an application form for a permit [PDF 210KB].

Glass Collections

All year round glass collections started in December and will continue monthly. Glass is currently collected the day after the black bin is emptied. If there is too much glass for the special bag that has been provided, residents are encouraged to place it in the empty black bin for collection.

Waste and Recycling - Site Closure

The Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Lilac Grove, Beeston, is now closed for a period of approximately 6 months. This is for essential maintenance and improvements. While this centre is closed the nearest alternatives are at Redfield Road Industrial Estate, Lenton and Nottingham Rd, Stapleford. If you are seriously inconvenienced by the close contact Broxtowe Borough Council and talk to someone in the recycling section. Tel 0115 917 7777.

Activity Area for Teenagers

The Youth Council has identified a need for a “wear area for kick-about goal” on the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground in Stapleford. I have been asked to contribute to the financing of this from the development funds provided to county councillors. I am very happy to do this.

Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox

A Chinese New Year event have taken place in Beeston Square since 2004 and has received unprecedented support from the local community and Chinese population.

The event this year is on Saturday 31 January, 1-4pm. The celebrations will feature a range of performances inspired by the traditions of the Lunar New Year across South East Asia, and will include: the Lion Dance, Monkey Stories, Tai Chi Fan Dance and Singing, a Kung Fu Demonstration, Dragon Dance, Chinese School Choir, Mongolian and Tibetan Dance, Martial Arts and an Erhu performance. The event is followed by a further event at Lakeside, University Park, on Sunday 1 February 4.30-6.30pm. Admission to both events is free. Tel 0115 9173745 for further details.

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Hemlock Happening 2009

The Hemlock Happening is a large scale community event held annually in Bramcote Hills Park. This year’s event will be on Saturday 7th June. The festivities start at 1pm and end with a fireworks finale at 10:30pm. In between visitors can enjoy song, dance, drama, music, all presented by lots of different people from schoolchildren to grandads and grandmas. In addition there are stalls and activities that help visitors find out what activities and events are available in the Bramcote and Stapleford area. Several catering outlets enable visitors to stay on site all day. Entrance is free with the costs being covered by contributions from local councils, councillors and other sponsors. Don’t miss out. Put the date in your diary now.

Volunteers (the Bramcote and Stapleford Golden jubilee Group) organise the event under my chairmanship.

Arts Performances at Local Venues

Broad Horizons Theatre – A Quiet Woman’s War. Wed 4 March, Maycliffe Hall, Stapleford (0115 9391818); Sharpwire – Johnny’s Midnight Goggles, Wed 11 March, Olympia Arts Theatre, Chilwell School (0115 9252698); Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh (in Concert, Fri 13 March, Chilwell Road Methodist Church (0115 9431164); Annamation – Tongue and Groove, Tues 7 April, Olympia Arts Theatre, Chilwell School (0115 9252698); Third Party – The Tragical History of Dr Faustus – A Damned Fine Play, Wed 22 April, Chilwell Road Methodist Church (0115 9431164).

Grand Valentines Barn Dance

Washington Drive Community Centre, Stapleford 14 February 2009, 7-10.30pm, £6 adults, £3 children (including food), licensed bar. For tickets telephone 0115 398993 or 0115 9499152.

Future Use of the Rosegrower?

An application has been submitted to demolish these premises and build a nursing home on the site and the applicants attended a meeting of Bramcote Community Action Team to present and discuss their proposals. There was general approval for the scheme..

A New Café on Ewe Lamb Lane?

Local residents have objected to a refurbishment of the derelict shop at 122 Ewe Lamb Lane because there is a fear of it attracting an unruly element to the area. The new owner is keen to open it up as a retail outlet and also as a small café/restaurant. The Development Committee deferred a decision on its new use to enable dialogue between the owner and the residents.

Bramcote Community Action Team

The next meeting will be on Monday 2 March, 7-8.30pm. This time the meeting will be held at Bramcote Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote (the building opposite the end of Chapel Street). Everyone welcome.

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Bramcote Directory

An updated copy of The Bramcote Directory is about to be delivered to every home in Bramcote. It is produced by the Bramcote Hills Community Association and edited by Walter Grauberg, a long-time resident and ex-Chair of the Association. Contact details are provided for just about every group and association within the Bramcote area. I was asked for a contribution from my development funds to help fund its publication and I am delighted to help out.

Citizens Advice Bureau

The bureau is now located within Broxtowe Borough Council's offices on Foster Avenue in Beeston. The new purpose-built facilities are on the ground floor of the close to reception. Over the years the trained staff have handled more than 250,000 enquiries and its volunteers have given thousands of free advice hours, a monetary value equivalent today of just under £2 million.

A Million Hits

Broxtowe Borough Council is celebrating one million hits on its website, less than a year after its launch. With an average of 2,934 visits a day visitors have accessed over 4.3 million pages of Council information and online services combined. The 5 most popular sections of the website include, planning, job vacancies, leisure & culture, council tax & benefits and housing. The introduction, soon after the launch of quick links to 'apply for it', 'find it', 'pay it' and 'report it' have also proved very popular. The address is http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk

Fairtrade Fortnight

Throughout Fairtrade Fortnight (23 February to 8 March) there will be intense promotion of awareness of Fairtrade and what it is all about. Two billion people – a third of humanity – still survive on less than £2 a day. Unfair trade rules keep them in poverty. Fairtrade is a people’s movement for change that aims to tip the balance of trade in favour of poor producers. We all need Fairtrade more than ever and we all have the power to create positive change for people and planet. We can all respond by looking for the Fairtrade logo on goods and making our own choices of what to buy and what not to buy. Visit www.fairtrade.org.uk for further information.

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