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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9774857
Mobile: 07792 987890

Fax: 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017

Email: cllr.stan.heptinstall@nottscc.gov.uk



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August 2010 update:

Bramwell Care Home

The County Council wants to sell the Bramwell Care Home to the private sector. As well as providing short and long stay care, Bramwell is one of the few care homes to offer a full range of support for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also there is a daycare centre that is used extensively. County Council staff and NHS staff work collaboratively to provide for the needs of those who require help. It is feared this expertise will be lost if the home is sold. Also there is the fear that the home will eventually close completely to make way for housing. The Friends of Bramwell is a group that has been formed to try to prevent the sale. The group is cross-party. You can join the group by contacting Ken Burton, tel. 9227257. email kenneth.burton83@ntlworld.com. Do join us and support us in our attempts to prevent the sale of this excellent facility. There is a website at www.friendsofbramwell.co.uk.

Middle Street Resource Centre

The County Council wants to close this facility in Beeston which is for people with mental health difficulties. This would be a huge shame because the people who attend tell us that they are helped substantially by all that happens there. There is a consultation on “The Future of Mental Health Services” at www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk in which the reasons for change are rehearsed. However, the option of keeping the centre open is not even mentioned! Please use this consultation to express your own views.

Council Leader or Elected Mayor?

A consultation has begun on how the Broxtowe Borough Council will be run in the future. A new law has meant that the Council has to ask its residents about alternative ways of managing the Council. There are two options that residents are asked to consider.

Option 1, which would be at no extra cost, is similar to the way the council is currently run. Local elections would take place every four years for residents to elect 44 councillors. A civic mayor would continue to be appointed annually to carry out ceremonial and other duties. As happens now the whole Council would select the Leader. There are differences and these are: the Leader would select the cabinet, appointing up to nine councillors including a deputy; the Leader would remain in office for four years; the Leader could only be removed during their four year term by a vote of no confidence by the whole Council.

Option 2 is a very different way to run the Council and would increase costs for the election and require a special responsibilities allowance for the Mayor. A Mayor would be elected by local people every four years. This election would be in addition to the local elections which would continue to take place. Differences in this option are: the Mayor would select the cabinet, appointing up to nine councillors including a deputy; a directly elected Mayor could not be removed from office by councillors; it is possible that the role of the civic Mayor would no longer exist but the Council could appoint a councillor to carry out ceremonial functions.

The consultation is open until 30 September. Please complete the online form at www.broxtowe.gov.uk, or write to Broxtowe Borough Council Legal Department Council Offices, Foster Ave, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1AB, or email legal@broxtowe.gov.uk.

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New Food Store Application

An application has been made to buildt a new food store (widely thought to be a Sainsbury’s local store) on Bramcote Lane, Wollaton. This would involve demolition of the two bungalows just east of the shops on the north side of Bramcote Lane. 17 car parking spaces would be provided plus cycle parking. Two apartments would be created at first floor level. Some local people believe that an additional food store is not needed in this location and that unacceptable congestion will result. However, others think the increased competition will improve shopping in the area. The details can be viewed at www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk where you can leave your own comments on the application.

A52 Resurfacing, Priory to QMC

This work will now start on Monday 6 September and will involve the road being closed completely between 8pm and 6am for 5 weeks. The diversion route will be Woodside Road, University Boulevard, the Dunkirk Island and the QMC Island. Emergency vehicles will be allowed through the overnight closures. Outbound bus services only from the city will be escorted through the works. The works have been reduced considerably from those originally proposed which would have involved complete closure of the road for 12 weeks.

A52 Maintenance Issues

Concerns have been expressed about the grassed areas on the A52, and we have been able to get the following information from A1plus which now has responsibility for this road.

  • The urban part from Priory to Bramcote is cut seven times a year, with provision made for litter clearance.
  • There is no intension to cut the rural part (Bramcote to Derbyshire) except in areas where visibility is an issue. Grown retarders are used.
  • The Sherwin Island is said to be subject to regular maintenance and we are told that the next scheduled visit is in August.

We still have considerable concerns about the adequacy of the maintenance of the rural part of the A52 and the Sherwin Island, and we will be keeping a close eye on these.

Money For Potholes?

The Government allocated the County Council an additional £1.3M to deal with potholes in Nottinghamshire after the harsh winter. Of this only £31,000 (2.4%) was allocated to Broxtowe. Stan Heptinstall asked a question about this at a recent meeting of the County Council and was told that the money was needed elsewhere in the County. Apparently Broxtowe’s roads are in relatively good condition! We wonder what will happen in Broxtowe when the County Council takes over highways maintenance from the Borough in 2012.

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Green Flag/Pennant Successes

For the fifth year running Bramcote Hills Park has won a Green Flag award. Broxtowe BC also achieved a Green Flag for Colliers Wood at Moorgreen. The Sandy Lane Open Space here in Bramcote also received its second Green Pennant Award, thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the Bramcote Ridge Group. The awards recognise the best green spaces in the country. The three sites received their awards having impressed the judges with their excellent community involvement, well maintained facilities and strong commitment to the environment. Many congratulations to all those involved.

By the way, the new Friends site at www.bramcote-ridge.org.uk is well worth a visit.

End Of Free Swimming

Unfortunately the free swimming scheme for over 60s and those 16 and under at Bramcote Leisure Centre will come to an end on Monday 6 September following the government's decision to withdraw free-swimming funding to local authorities. The Council’s Cabinet agreed to continue to find the funds for the free sessions until the end of the school holidays although the government funding ceased on 31 July. The free swimming was made possible in 2009 through a direct grant received from government.

Bramcote C.A.T

The next meeting of the Bramcote Community Action Team is on Monday 6 September at the Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote, starting at 7pm. The CAT provides everyone in Bramcote the opportunity to have their say on anything that matters. All welcome.

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Website Commended Again  

Once again the Broxtowe website has been commended in the Good Communications Awards.  Salford City Council was the winner this time, with Broxtowe, Stockport Met, Westminster City Council and Exeter City Council on the commended list. Congratulations to the IT team at Broxtowe Borough Council.

Free Bus Passes For Schoolchildren

There was a Conservative manifesto commitment to provide free bus passes to enable children to attend the school of their choice. This will be implemented soon for year 7 children, but only those who live in and travel to schools in the county. Children who choose a school across a boundary, e.g. in the City, do not get this help.

Car Parking

One consequence of introducing charging for car parking has been a reduction in congestion at Council owned car parks, especially that on Foster Avenue, Beeston. There has not been the negative impact on businesses that some people anticipated. There has, however, been an increase in street parking in some areas.

New Voting System?

The new Government has decided that there will be a referendum next May about a new system of casting votes in parliamentary elections. We will be asked to consider adopting the Alternative Vote method in place of the first-past-the-post system. Voters would be asked to elect one person to represent them in parliament, just as they do now. However, rather than marking an 'X' against their preferred candidate, each voter ranks their candidates in order of preference, putting '1' next to their favourite, '2' by their second choice and so on. If a candidate receives a majority of first place votes, then he or she is elected just as under the present system. However if no single candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, the second choices for the candidate at the bottom of the poll are redistributed. The process is then repeated until one candidate has an absolute majority. 

The main argument in favour of AV is that it retains constituencies and so the bond between members and their constituents is not lost. Extreme parties would be unlikely to gain support by AV. All those elected would have the support of a majority of their constituents and it prevents candidates being elected on a minority of the vote.

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