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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

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December 2010 update:

Stapleford Walk In Centre - please help

The consultation on the closure of the walk-in centres at Stapleford and Ashfield is now underway and I do encourage you to make your own views known. Please respond to the NHS consultation. You might also like to sign the Liberal Democrat petition against the closure. If you are a Facebook fan you can take part in an online discussion on the issue.

I am firmly opposed to the threatened closure of the Stapleford Walk In Centre, and had a letter published in the Nottingham Post in which I explain my reasoning. You can read a copy of the letter: http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/news/Walk-centres-play-vital-role/article-2908866-detail/article.html

Cuts to Services for Vulnerable People

Huge concern is being expressed by organisations that provide for vulnerable people about Nottinghamshire County Council’s proposals to cut funding.  I have received expressions of concern from Citizens Advice Broxtowe, The Helpful Bureau, Stapleford, Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Midland Women’s Aid, the Nottinghamshire Infrastructure Consortium, the Joint Union Committee of Teachers, the Families, Children and Young People’s Forum, and the Framework Charity.

I visited Framework to discuss their particular concerns. Framework cares for homeless people and there is real fear that the needs of these people will not be met if the threatened cuts are enacted. I have written to the Deputy Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council who is spearheading these cuts, and asked to be included in the discussions with Framework. I am very worried about the impact of these cuts.

Bramwell Care Home

The County Council’s response to the petition against the sale of the Bramwell Care Home on Chilwell Lane, Bramcote is awaited. Hopefully this will be provided at the next Council meeting on 9th December and there will have been reconsideration of this matter. Meetings of the Friends of Bramwell continue to take place.

Moor Lane Safety

Police have been monitoring the behaviour of motorists who drop off and pick up their children on Moor Lane, Bramcote. This follows another accident in the area last month. An officer from the highways section at the County Council has also visited to look at any improvements to the infrastructure that can be provided. The possibility of extending the safety rail opposite the junction with Deans Croft is being considered, and also some additional white-lining close to the restricted area opposite the entrance to the primary school. The possibility of providing a pedestrian crossing within that restricted area is also being considered. 

Bramcote Hills Golf Course

The graffiti at the entrance to the (closed) golf course on Thoresby Road, Bramcote has now been removed. Please let me or the police know if anything reappears and especially if you can identify the culprits. The future use of this piece of land is still uncertain.

Coventry Lane Speed Sign Installed

An electronic speed sign is now in place on Coventry Lane, Bramcote. The aim is to encourage traffic to keep within the 30mph speed limit at the approach to the junction with Sharnford Way. This is something that local people have been requesting for some time.

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Ewe Lamb Close - Tree removal

The large beech tree that was removed had been subject to a root decaying fungus called Meripilus giganteus (Giant Polypore). The fungus attacks the larger anchoring roots of trees (especially Beech trees) leaving the tree susceptible to failure in strong winds. The tree has been monitored over several years for the signs of fungal infection, and unfortunately this year a large amount of fruiting bodies had been found at the base of the tree indicating that infection is already well advanced. 

Waste Collections

The new calendar for refuse and recycling collections is now being delivered to all households. It can also be viewed at www.broxtowe.gov.uk. Garden waste collections were disrupted on Saturday 27 November because of the snow but plans were being put in place to deal with these. Garden waste collections will now cease over the winter period and start again in March.

I am pleased to report encouraging figures for our year on year recycling performance. Residual waste is reducing whilst our combined recycling performance for dry recyclables and green waste is showing a slight improvement.   In the round the results are good and we are on target to achieve a 45% recycling rate this year.   

At this time of the year it may be worthwhile to spare a few moments to reflect on progress with our corporate recycling target. This target aims to achieve a rate of 50% by 2012. Concentrating on targets can be detrimental, however, having a goal is always constructive and considering the gap between our current performance and the 50% target means that in real terms a 900 tonne increase in recycling will ensure that we hit our goal.     

Christmas Tree Recycling

The arrangements this year for disposal of real Christmas trees will involve partnership working with Veolia. Residents are encouraged to dispose of their trees at the Household Waste and Recycling centres. I have been informed that the County Council has agreed with its contractor Veolia that based on the tonnage of green waste collected over the festive period, a contribution will be made towards environmental projects in Nottinghamshire. 

Bramcote Hills Park

Enquiries are being made concerning a potential project to supply/support a new public facility. Contact has been made with the Utility companies, and drainage investigations are ongoing.

Reclaim of Coventry Lane Quarry

Fencing around this site has now been completed and the first part of this reclaimed site will be handed over very soon. It will be become a welcome extension to Bramcote Hills Park.

Report to Broxtowe Borough Council

As the Portfolio Holder for Environment at Broxtowe Borough Council I produce a report to council on a regular basis. The report that I will present at the meeting on 15 December is available for your early inspection [pdf 26kb].

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Residents' Parking in Stapleford

New arrangements for residents’ on-street parking have been under consideration for some time. The results of a recent consultation on the principle of introducing a wide-spread system for parking are now known and are as follows:

Stapleford proposed schemes

  • 173 properties are in favour of a scheme

  • 60 properties are against a scheme

Stapleford existing schemes

  • 31 properties are in favour of modifying the existing scheme

  • 14 properties are against modifications

We are now at the point where a further consultation will take place on detailed schemes. Letters will be sent to affected households and an exhibition will be available for viewing. More details will be available on the timing and venue of the exhibition soon.

Progress with Stapleford Highways Schemes

  • An upgrade of the existing zebra crossing on Derby Road outside the Co-op to a signalled crossing is to go ahead shortly. 

  • Upgrading of the crossing near the former health centre is dependent on developer contributions to pay for the crossing upgrade.
  • Design work on new signing at The Roach is nearing completion. In addition, some small improvements to the way the junction operates have been identified. The signing project also includes new car park signing around the town.
  • A study to consider the feasibility of installing a crossing on Toton Lane near Fairfield School has been commissioned.
  • The Road Safety team is promoting installation of a zebra crossing further down Toton Lane to serve the George Spencer School.

Progress with Weight Limit for Bramcote Village

Initially this proposal was for a restriction of use of Town Street Bramcote by heavy vehicles. However, following further consideration, it is now proposed to include the whole of Bramcote Ward south of the A52, west of Town Street and East of Wollaton Road in the controlled area. The scheme will extend as far south as Bramcote Avenue in Chilwell. Affected residents will be consulted on these proposals in the near future.  

Pensions Issues

A resident wrote to me recently to enquire about the position regarding pensions for local government employees. I sent the request to Mick Burrows, the Chief Executive. At the request of the resident I am copying the response below:

"Dear (Resident):

Thank you for actively participating as a citizen of Nottinghamshire in the County Council's consultation on its service review proposals.

Nottinghamshire County Council operates the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) which is a national scheme binding on all local authorities under which membership is open to eligible employees of Local Authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. The council is only directly responsible for the administration of the Pension Fund arising from the scheme.

The LGPS is a funded scheme, which has already been subject to considerable reform over recent years, including increases in employee contribution rates. Local Government employees now make a direct contribution of between 5.5 and 7.5% of their pensionable pay to the pension scheme. This is relatively high level of contribution in comparison to other areas of public sector employment. You may be aware that Lord Hutton of Furness has been commissioned by Government to undertake a fundamental structural review of public service pensions to ensure future sustainability, not least in the face of an ageing UK population, and to deliver savings. The interim report is now published. The final review will also inform a decision on whether the existing LGPS arrangements to incrementally phase out the "Rule of 85" provisions on a tapered basis by 2020 should instead be implemented at a single point Nottinghamshire County Council's normal retirement age is 65. The impact of the council's redesign and restructuring of its services to achieve the significant cost savings it needs to make will impact considerably on the number of staff the council continues to directly employ. Staff who are redundant as a result are eligible under LGPS Regulations to access their LGPS pension at the point of their redundancy dismissal, if they are aged 55 or over. Under LGPS Regulations this threshold increased from age 50 to age 55 from April 2010, which has generated savings in its own right. In order to ensure that the up-front costs of early retirement and redundancy payments generate significant salary cost savings longer term, the County Council has exercised the local discretion available to it under LGPS regulations and introduced changes to its redundancy payment provisions on the1st February 2010 to better align our provisions to those of many other Local Authorities and make them more affordable: the discretionary, non statutory element of the redundancy payment which can be paid by the County Council on a discretionary basis as compensation for the loss of employment was considerably reduced and all provision for added pensionable years in cases of early retirement  or redundancy was removed.

These changes were part of a wider package of changes to terms and conditions of employment and related policies which help the council to save £1.2million in 2010/11 and a further £1.7million in the full year which will be reinvested to meet the rising demand for Council services.

The council has also introduced formal redundancy selection criteria which include consideration of the relative cost of releasing an individual, including the strain on the pension fund which results when an individual retires early, as one of a number of criteria to be taken into account by our managers when considering requests for voluntary redundancy or making staffing reductions on a compulsory redundancy basis. 

I hope this clarifies for you which pension provisions come under the direct influence of the council and provides reassurances that the council is committed to driving down costs, including employment costs, as a key part of redesigning services to effect efficiencies and improve value for money to the people of Nottinghamshire.

Mick Burrows

Chief Executive

Nottinghamshire County Council"

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