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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9774857
Mobile: 07792 987890

Fax: 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017

Email: cllr.stan.heptinstall@nottscc.gov.uk



  • Health & Wellbeing Board

  • Mental Health Guardianship Panel

  • Planning & Licensing Committee

  • Standards Committee

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January 2012 update 2:


Councillor Tom Pettengell

I am very sad to say that Tom has died. Tom was a County Councillor for many years and also a Borough Councillor. Last year he was Chairman of the County Council. I liked Tom enormously and I am very sad to hear of his death. He was a man who got on well with everyone irrespective of everything, including political persuasion and so too did his wife, Jacqueline. I will miss him very much.  

Bramcote Community Action Team

The next meeting of the Bramcote CAT is scheduled for Monday 26th March 2012, once again in the Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote. The meeting starts at 7pm. All welcome.  

Musical Supper

The Mayor of the Borough of Broxtowe, Cllr Jacky Williams will host a Musical Supper featuring the Beeston Musical Theatre Group’s 12-piece ensemble at The Memorial Hall on Tuesday 28 February 2012 (7.45pm).The event will raise money for the Mayor’s chosen charities, the Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People and the Link Youth Café, Stapleford. Tickets are now on sale priced just £10.00, which includes a fish and chip supper from Andy’s Fish Bar, Stapleford.

For more information, please contact the Civic Office on 0115 917 3210, email civic@broxtowe.gov.uk or visit http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/civic. 

Charity Ball Tickets – On Sale Now

Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Rainbows Charity Ball, which stands to raise hundreds of pounds for the Mayor, Cllr Jacky Williams’ two chosen children and young people’s charities.

The Rainbows Charity Ball will be held for the first-time ever at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel on Saturday 21 April 2012 and feature live music from The Feds. Tickets are now on sale from the Civic Office priced £32.00.To secure your place at this year’s Rainbow Charity Ball, please contact the Civic Office on 0115 917 3210, email civic@broxtowe.gov.uk or visit http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/civic. 

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Chinese New Year Celebration

A host of activities to mark the Chinese New Year will be held in Beeston Square, Broadgate Park and Barton’son Saturday 28 January from 10am until 4pm.Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership, with the Beeston Bid and Barton’s, welcome everyone to a vibrant celebration for Chinese New Year featuring entertainment from Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan cultures – including some old favourites and new surprises. Featuring Beijing trained dance artist Fan Mang Mang to launch a year of events that celebrate the link from the Beijing to the London Olympics. Further information is at www.broxtowe.gov.uk.  

Hot Air Balloons in Bramcote Hills Park

Nottingham & Derby Hot Air Balloon Club has been given permission to launch balloons from Bramcote Hills Park. The Club has demonstrated that they have appropriate insurance cover for such events to take place.  

Free electric blanket safety check

The County Council is urging older and disabled people with electric blankets to get them tested this winter at a free testing event on 23 January in Stapleford. Anyone who wants to attend the free event should contact the County Council’s trading standards team on 01623 452005 to make an appointment in advance. Further details about the venue will be given when a booking is made. Anyone who has a blanket that fails the tests will be given a voucher for 50% off a replacement. At a similar event in Northamptonshire recently, 352 electric blankets were tested and 236 (67%) of these were found to be faulty. Electric blankets can be a great way to stay warm if they’re used and stored correctly. But when blankets are old or if they’re folded over and over again, they can be dangerous. For information about electric blanket safety visit www.esc.org.uk.

For more information contact Julie Cuthbert, Nottinghamshire County Council, on 0115 977 3195 or julie.cuthbert@nottscc.gov.uk.  

Free Home Insulation for All

Please don’t forget that FREE home insulation is available this winter to all homeowners, private landlords and private tenants living in the borough, regardless of age or benefits. This could result in savings up to £300 on energy bills for a large number of people. The offer runs until March 31 2012. Please tell everyone you know about the availability of this offer. Call 08455 390390 to arrange a survey or get further information from http://www.broxtowewarmzone.com

Hickings Lane Skate Park

The County Council is to fund the complete refurbishment of the Skate Park on the Recreation Ground on Hickings Lane, Stapleford as part of the Local Improvement Scheme initiative. This is good news indeed for our local youngsters.  

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Free Summer Swimming

Free swimming will be available to under 16 year-olds from 27 July to 9 September 2012 at Bramcote and other Leisure Centres in Broxtowe.  The decision on this was taken at a recent meeting of Broxtowe’s Cabinet.  

Bramcote Crematorium – Heat Exchanger

Members of the public expressed their overwhelming support for recovery of heat from the mercury abatement plant recently installed at Bramcote Crematorium. 147 were in favour and only 2 were against. Installation of the heat exchanger will now proceed. If you were one of those who responded to the consultation, thank you very much indeed.   

Bramcote Crematorium – Remembrance Service

Over 250 people attended a Service of Remembrance held at Bramcote Crematorium in December, and the feedback from those who attended was very positive indeed. The next Service of Remembrance is on Sunday 1 April 2012.  

New Jobs though NET

Now that the tram is going ahead there are new job opportunities. These range from reception staff, office assistants, training and research managers to engineers, quantity surveyors and site foremen. All vacancies are advertised at http://www.mynottingham.gov.uk/employerhub. Also information can be obtained by telephone at 0115 8764493 or by email at hub@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.  

More Rooms at Local Care Homes?

There are planning applications to increase the number of rooms at both Bramwell on Chilwell Lane, and at the new Bramcote Hills Care Home on Sandringham Drive. Details are available at www.broxtowe.gov.uk. Any concerns should be sent in to the Planning Officers formally, but also do please let me know if there are any concerns about these applications.  

Convenience Store – Ewe Lamb Lane

Permission has been granted for a Convenience Store on Ewe Lamb Lane, Bramcote despite some concerns being expressed by local residents. The store will be open until 9pm most days. The reasons for granting the application for a license were explained to residents at a special meeting held at Westbourne Court. Since then Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed to install an extra litterbin outside the premises and a request for installation of handrails has been made.

There will be careful monitoring of the impact of the store locally.  

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Field Farm Application - Public Meeting

I was invited to attend this well-attended public meeting, called by our MP Anna Soubry so that, as a Borough Councillor, I could listen to the arguments against the planning application for housing on this site on Ilkeston Road, Stapleford. I am not on the Planning Committee at present so will not be voting on this particular application, but I am on the Full Council which will decide the overall future strategies to be adopted for housing provision in the Borough. Local people were encouraged to provide their comments on the current proposals (available at www.broxtowe.gov.uk) as soon as possible so that they can be take into account.

What do I think about the application? I think the main concerns are the impact on the highway (including in Bramcote) and whether or not the proposals to deal with water that accumulates on the site are sufficient to overcome this particular problem. The fact that the Government Inspector who dealt with a previous consideration of this site pronounced this site as suitable for building (i.e. should be designated White Land rather than Green Belt) will weigh heavily in the decision making process.

Response from the Highways Agency

Here is the response I have received from the Highways Agency further to my email to them in December:

Dear Stan Heptinstall,


Re: A52 Questions

I apologise it’s taken this long to respond to your email of 14 December 2011. It proved difficult to pull all the information together from various sources during the run up to Christmas with people’s leave and the like. We do have a 10 working day response time target which would mean your enquiry should be responded to by 5 January 2012.

The questions you raised are below with our response to them written in red.

1. Can the 40mph limit be emphasised by painting 40 on the carriageways at appropriate points on the A52? I think this has been raised before.

There is no requirement to display the current speed limit by painting this on the ground. The provision of painted speed limits would only be considered if there was a specific safety reason for their installation. There are currently no safety concerns along this stretched that would constitute a need for the speed limit to be painted on the carriageway. 

2. The County Council is waiting for a response from you to a question on placing a weight restriction on Town Street, Bramcote and apparently the delay is because no response has been received. Local people have been waiting for this restriction for years and are keen to see it in place. Can you chivvy up the people who need to respond to this?

We can only apologise for this. In June 2011 we provided the Highways Agency Asset Manager for Nottinghamshire (Kam Khokhar) with the details of this proposal along with the initial comments that we provided asking how they wished to proceed. As yet we have had no response to this. We have now brought this to the attention of Kam Khokhar again.

3. A resident reported that there are lights out on the A52 between Bardills Island  and the bridge at the Sherwin Island, specifically EL1331 has been unlit for year. I was asked to report this once again.

We are working on this and will get back to you on this matter hopefully tomorrow. (Hopefully this has now been fixed! Stan)

4. Finally, from me, I used the new pedestrian lights at Thoresby Road last night. It is great to have them, BUT I am not sure they are working properly. When crossing the Nottingham bound side the lights did not turn to pedestrian green even though all traffic was stopped. I had to walk over on red.

The pedestrian lights are sequenced to show green whenever it is safe for pedestrians to cross. We have not been made aware of any other instances of this nature and the pedestrian crossing has been functioning correctly on recent site visits. We will of course monitor this situation

Should you require anything in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards.

New email to the Highways Agency

Hi there

Happy New Year

One of the editors of the Bramcote Today website has stated that the new improvements do not work. (http://bramcotetoday.org.uk/2012/01/13/a52-improvements-do-they-work/)

Do you have any quantitative data that might be used to provide a reaction to this?

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Councillor for Bramcote

Poems and Actions

Free Performances at The Carnegie Centre, Warren Avenue, Stapleford on Monday 30 January 2012.

2pm: Poems in Action – from Dave Wood’s walk around Sherwood Forest. Includes sign language interpretation.
3.30pm: Make up a story and act it out. All ages.

Phone 0115 9391818 for more info.

Stapleford Historical Society

Wednesday 7th March at 7pm. The Jaguar PH, Hickings Lane, Stapleford. A History of Stapleford – Nigel Brooks; A History of Stapleford Police – Malcolm Jarvis. £1 entry.

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