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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

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January 2010 Update:

Reflections on 10 years since the Millennium

Sincere best wishes to you all for 2010. It is hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since many hundreds of us in Bramcote and Stapleford stood at the top of King George’s Field and heralded in the new Millennium with our own celebrations, bonfire and firework display. What a fantastic night that was! It was a night when we lit our Millennium candles looked forward optimistically to the future.

Without a little thought it is hard to appreciate what changes have come about within during those 10 years. However here are just a few observations that may start you thinking.

Back in the year 2000 there was no bus lane on the A52, there was no traffic calming on Cow Lane, the Sandy Lane bridleway was impassible in the winter, there were no electronic speed signs, the Bramcote roundabout and the Bardill’s roundabout had not been upgraded, there were fewer pedestrian crossings throughout Bramcote and Stapleford, Coventry Lane was a narrow winding road that was subject to traffic accidents, the Community Action Teams had not been invented, there were no attempts by the police and local councillors to work together for the benefit of their communities, 94% of waste went to land-fill because recycling was still in its infancy, there had been no attempts to encourage local schools to work together for the benefit of our children and grandchildren, the Bramwell Care Home and the Stapleford Care Centre had neither been planned nor built, the idea of the Hemlock Happening had not been conceived, the possibility of a tram extension to serve the Beeston and Chilwell areas was merely a vague idea that might or might not take shape sometime in the future.

Alongside the changes there are notable things that have been retained and improved for the benefit of local people. Most of the open spaces surrounding Bramcote and Stapleford are still intact despite numerous attempts by developers to build houses on them, Bramcote Hills Park has attained Green Flag Status, the Bramcote Ridge has attained Green Pennant status thanks to the hard work of the Bramcote Ridge Group, new nature reserves have been created, recreation grounds have been improved, an interest group has focused on the “Sunken Church” in Bramcote and provided a new lease of life for this historic monument.

So what of the next 10 years? Existing pressures will remain and new pressures will emerge. The need for additional new housing will not go away, and we will need to continue to protect our local open spaces and our quality of life. As a consequence of the recession local councils will face funding shortages and be forced to introduce some charges were currently they do not exist and possibly reduce services. The key to the future will be for local councillors and others to think positively, to consult with local people, to challenge where necessary, and to do or best to ensure that the progress made over the last 10 years is maintained and built upon.

As long as I continue to serve you as a local councillor I promise that I will do my best to work as positively as I can for the communities that I represent.

County Council Budget Proposals

In the November update I pointed out the budget proposals that are being put forward by the majority (Conservative) group and advised you to send in your responses to the consultation that is taking place. Separately to this I have received a number of comments from local residents about their own concerns about the proposals. The most frequent concern is about the proposal to close the Recycling Centre on Nottingham Road, Stapleford with literally every respondent being totally opposed to this. My colleague Cllr Brian Wombwell has presented a petition signed by 1500 local residents objecting to the closure. The second most frequent concern is the threatened sale of the Bramwell Care Home to the private sector, which carries with it the possibility of the Care Home being closed at some point in the future. There is genuine concern about the administration’s insistence on keeping their manifesto commitment of a zero increase in council tax for all of 2010/11 and the two years following, given the negative impact on services that will ensue.

If you have not yet sent in your own views on the proposals, the consultation is open until 22 January 2010. You can access it at www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk

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Bramcote Hills Golf Course

You will recall the application for housing and then subsequently for a car wash on the car park on Thoresby Road that serves the (closed) Bramcote Hills Golf Course. Broxtowe Borough Council turned down these two applications. Subsequently an appeal against the refusal of a car wash was made, and this is due to be determined by an inspector early in the New Year. A well-attended public meeting was organized by the Bramcote Hills Community Association to discuss the use of the whole golf course into the future, and it was the unanimous view of all those present that the ideal would be for the area to be retained as open space, preferably for public use.

I met recently with the current owner of the golf course to discuss potential ways forward with the site, and learned that the owner is keen to dispose of the land. So, is there anyone out there who would like to buy a golf course and hand it over for public use? All offers will be seriously considered!

Progress with recycling

Those who read Outlook, the parish magazine of St Michaels Church, Bramcote, will know that I produce a monthly column on “community matters”. The article that will appear in February [PDF 16KB] provides information on what happens to recycled materials in the Broxtowe area. After February I will have a rest from producing the column until after the general election has taken place.

Real Christmas Trees

Please recycle these. Just leave them out on the next scheduled day for collection of garden waste.  If you are unsure of the precise collection date, go to www.broxtowe.gov.uk

Report to Council

In my capacity as Cabinet Member for the Environment on Broxtowe Borough Council I produce a regular report on the activities of the Department and present this at the Meetings of Council. I presented my most recent report [PDF 50KB] at the meeting on 10 December. You may be particular interested in the section that deals with a meeting of the Joint Waste Management Committee which I chaired. You will see that my own views on the County’s proposals to close some recycling centres, to cease expenditure on waste awareness programme, to cease free collection of asbestos and to modify some other waste-related matters were shared by all the other districts in Nottinghamshire.

A choice of 2010 calendars

I have two different 2010 calendars available for distribution on a first-come, first-served basis. There is the Nottinghamshire Doorstep Calendar, which has some excellent photos of old Nottinghamshire, including one of Beeston Square back in the 50’s.  There is also the Broxtowe Borough Partnership’s Positive People, Positive Communities Calendar that is produced in collaboration with the Nottingham Inter Faith Council. The latter is produced as part of Broxtowe Borough Council’s “Bringing People Together” activities and includes a picture of people enjoying the Hemlock Happening. Let me know if you would like a copy and which one you would like to have.

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Application for a new Tesco Superstore in Sandiacre

I attended recently a public meeting to hear a presentation by Tesco of their proposals for a new superstore in Sandiacre. The plan is to build a store adjacent to the canal behind Lidl. It became clear at the meeting that there are serious implications for increased traffic in the area, particularly for negative impact on other shopping in the area, including Stapleford, the area that I represent. I had submitted a question about impact on businesses and I was not pleased with the reply.

I have now responded to the formal consultation on the proposal as follows:

“As a county councillor for Stapleford I wish to record my concerns about the proposed Tesco store at Sandiacre. The stated intention of those who presented on behalf of Tesco at the meeting the other night is to take business away from Lidl and the Coop. I suppose they are within their rights to do this, but this would have major implications for those who use the Coop in Stapleford. Many Stapleford people walk to the shops and it would mean a long walk for them to use the Tesco instead. There would also be knock-on effects on other shops in Stapleford with a major disruption of existing shopping and trading.  I am therefore against the application. I would ask you to bring this objection to the attention of the Erewash Development Control Committee.”

Rail Services from Beeston

East Midlands Trains is revising its timetable of trains that stop at Beeston. I am delighted to see that the number of trains stopping at Beeston is set to increase. Improvements are also planned to Beeston Station. Please read this letter [PDF 624KB] for further details.

Bramcote Hills Golf Club

In my last update on Bramcote Hills Golf Club I mentioned that the owners are keen to dispose of the land and that the general public are in favour of the area returning to public use. I also asked for ideas as to how income could be generated to purchase the land. The following response from a reader was received:

“Not sure how much owner wants for above but I own a little bit of an Amazonian Forest.  Could the land be divided up into little bits and sold off to locals?  I would be willing to pay £50 for a piece and more affluent people may be prepared to pay even more to bring this about.  The land could then never be sold off and could be administered by some authority in perpetua.”

Is there anyone else out there who would contribute in this way?

Enhanced services for the elderly in Bramcote?

Some concerned Bramcote residents have asked to see me about the possibility of doing something to enhance services for the elderly in the Bramcote area. We are to meet to discuss this on Friday 26th February at 7.30pm. If you are interested in taking part in the discussions let me know and I will pass on details of the venue.

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Traffic Flows on the A52 through Bramcote

The following notice has been received from Aone+, the new Managing Agent Contractor to the Highways Agency for our area:

“In 2008 a capacity improvement scheme was being considered for the A52 from Bramcote Roundabout to the QMC Roundabout. The works proposed the following:

  • Upgrade all existing pedestrian controlled crossings to a MOVA system along the A52 corridor between Bramcote and QMC Roundabout.
  • A52 Thoresby Road Junction traffic signals will be converted to a MOVA system making the junction more efficient. A proposed Toucan crossing is to be incorporated into the current design to allow non-motorised users to cross the A52 at this point.
  • A52 Wollaton Road Junction traffic signals will be converted to a MOVA system making the junction more efficient.
  • A52 Priory Roundabout. – Full Signalisation of the roundabout, with carriageway widening works required on the Woodside Rd, Wollaton Rd and the A52 westbound approach to the roundabout. The signalisation of the roundabout will also provide controlled pedestrian crossing points across all arms. The new proposals will also require the last 60m of existing bus lane on the eastbound approach to the roundabout to be removed.
  • A52 QMC Roundabout – Full Signalisation of the roundabout, with carriageway widening works required on the A52 eastbound approach to the roundabout. It is also proposed to create a new bus lane on the south side of the QMC Roundabout, which will terminate at the existing bus stop on the A52 westbound departure arm, adjacent to Nottingham University.
  • We were also proposing to remove a large section of the existing bus lane.

The scheme has slightly changed in that the bus lane will not be removed as previously proposed but we do require the last 60m of the existing bus lane approaching the A52 Priory Roundabout to be removed, to allow for a greater capacity of vehicles to pass through the roundabout.

The Highways Agency has also commissioned a NMU (non-motorised user) study for the A52 to find the most suitable routes which can integrate with the existing ones already in place. This study which is being undertaken by Aone+ but will not form part of the above scheme as it will not be completed before the scheme construction date.

If you have any views on these proposals, please let me know and I will pass them on. Personally, I am delighted that there will be a pedestrian crossing at Thoresby Road. This was requested at a meeting of the Bramcote CAT when the scheme was explained earlier last year.

Extending the Arboretum in Bramcote Hills Park

Every year a new tree species is planted within the arboretum at Bramcote Hills Park. This year the tree to be planted is a Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) which is a native of Eastern North America. Please read this leaflet [PDF 724KB] for further details.

Unsung Heroes Wanted

Do you know anyone who has carried out good works, battled adversity or who worked selflessly to make their community a better, safer and more pleasant place to live?  If you do Broxtowe Borough Partnership is looking for nominations for this year’s Community Champions Award Scheme 2010.  The scheme aims to recognise people in the Borough who have contributed over and  above the call of duty to Broxtowe Borough projects and initiatives. The awards highlight  the good work carried out in the Borough by voluntary and community groups and local people. The award categories are:

  • The safe borough - for those who work to reduce crime and make our Borough a safer place to live.
  • A growing borough - for those who have helped businesses improve.
  • A healthy borough - for those who have helped put better health services or facilities into their community or help people lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • A clean and green borough - for those who have worked to make the Borough cleaner or greener or helped people to become more environmentally friendly.
  • Children and young people - for a child or young person up to the age of 18 years who has made improvements to their community.
  • A happy borough - for those who have helped to make their community a better place to live and help everyone get on and work together.
  • Good Neighbour award – for those who have helped people in their community to live more comfortably or safely in their homes.

Nominations can be for groups or individuals and the deadline for nominations is Friday 26 February 2010. The award will be presented at a special evening event towards the end of March 2010.

Go to www.broxtowe.gov.uk for a nomination form.

Buses - a solution has been found

Many of you will know that trentbarton buses do not stop on the A52 in Bramcote in the afternoons on schooldays. This has been an issue with Bramcote residents for 8 years. I am delighted to report that a solution has now been found and it is hoped that a normal service will resume after Easter.

I attended a meeting with representatives from trentbarton, the County Council, the White Hills Park Federation of Schools and the police, and constructive discussions ensued. The schools will issue bus passes to students, which will need to be shown on entering the bus, and these will be withdrawn if there is sign of any trouble. Also the school and police will provide a periodic presence at bus stops to discourage any poor behaviour.

My own contribution to the meeting was to stress the impact of the reduced service on adults in the Bramcote area who are severely inconvenienced by the reduced service, and those who attended the meeting took this on board in making their decision.

My grateful thanks go to all those involved in helping address this issue, including the many residents who have expressed their concerns.

A representative from trentbarton will attend the next meeting of the Bramcote Community Action Team to be held at Bramcote Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote on Monday 1st March. The meeting starts at 7pm.

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