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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9773230
Mobile: 07710 234086

Fax 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017


January 2012 Update:


  • Call for Help with Youth Unemployment in Nottinghamshire

  • Tram Gets Final Go-Ahead

  • Stapleford Residents’ Parking Scheme

  • Bramcote Community Action Team

  • Love Where You Live Campaign

  • Bramcote Today Back on the Awards Trail

  • Field Farm, Stapleford

  • Bramcote Hills Golf Course

  • Consultation on New Car Parking Proposals

  • Highways Agency Questions

  • Application for Convenience Store License

  • Bramwell Care Home – final decision

  • Day Care for Local Residents

  • Silver Surfers Group

  • The Duckpond, Ilkeston Road

  • Stapleford Library

  • Framework

  • Broxtowe WarmZone – Free Home Insulation for All

  • New Tree in Bramcote Hills Park

  • Model Cars on Moor Lane

  • New Council Homes in Stapleford

  • Please Submit Nominations for a Broxtowe Partnership Award

  • Please Submit Applications to the Broxtowe Action Fund

  • Smartwater Offer

  • Get Help with Jobs Around the House

  • Dr Margaret Colley

  • The Big Tree Plant

  • Dropped Kerb

  • Grit Bins

  • Christmas Tree Recycling

  • Age UK Notts

  • Erewash Valley Trail



Call for Help with Youth Unemployment in Nottinghamshire

At the December meeting of the County Council there was a debate on the increasing youth unemployment figures in Nottinghamshire. Unfortunately the Labour and Conservative groups were unable to construct wording for a motion that they could agree on. I am happy to say that I managed to break the deadlock by proposing wording that proved to be acceptable to all. The motion calls on the Government to ensure that Nottinghamshire gets its fair share of additional Government funding targeted at getting young people into employment.

Tram Gets Final Go-Ahead

I have received the following from the Communications and Marketing Manager at Nottingham City Council:

   'Dear Sir, I am emailing you as a representative of your local authority to inform you that the project to extend Nottingham’s tram system to the south and south-west of Nottingham has today received commercial and financial close and Government sign-off.

    This means Nottingham City Council has awarded the contract to take over the operation of the existing tram line (NET Line One), and to build and operate the extended network to Clifton via Wilford, and Chilwell via Beeston (NET Phase Two) to Tramlink Nottingham.A detailed construction programme is now being finalised and the first phase of construction work will start in early January 2012, with services on the new lines planned to start in late 2014. I have attached briefing papers about the NET Phase Two project.  Best wishes.' 

The briefing papers that are referred to are:

NET Phase Two Councillor Briefing [pdf]

NET Phase Two Construction programme headlines [pdf]

I am convinced that the coming of the tram will bring huge benefits in the longer term; although in the shorter term there will be considerable disruption as the route is prepared prior to laying the tram tracks. Please be prepared for this as the work starts in January 2012.

Stapleford Residents’ Parking Scheme

The details of the proposed Stapleford Residents’ Parking Scheme are now available and a final consultation is now taking place. The scheme consists of changes to the Cyril Avenue area (removal of Frederick Avenue), the Bailey Street area (shortening of Wellington Street) and the Eatons Road area. In all these areas parking restrictions will apply Monday-Saturday, 9am – 5pm and all bays and yellow lines will be removed except at junctions to enable parking anywhere within the area by permit holders. New schemes will be introduced on Horace Avenue, West End Street and William Road (Monday-Saturday, 9am – 5pm) and St James Terrace (24 hour scheme). Albert Street will be made one way with residents’ parking introduced (Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm). All affected residents are being contacted as part of the final consultation that is now under way. If and when the scheme is introduced there is provision for further consideration of how the schemes work out in practice with the possibility for alterations and/or introduction of further restrictions on other roads in Stapleford.


Bramcote Community Action Team

The meeting of the Bramcote Community Action Team held at the end of November, which I chair, was a lively affair with over 50 members of the community present.


In his absence we congratulated PC Karl Barlow on his temporary promotion to Sergeant, and welcomed PCSO Chris Archer who was reasonably upbeat about the current situation in Bramcote.

We heard of the progress of the placement of weight restrictions in Bramcote Village and those present indicated their approval of such; a formal consultation will be started quite soon.

We also heard from Jane Hutchinson regarding the “Love Where You Live” campaign (see separate item below).

Steve Austin, on behalf of Mike Johnson, Sue Sambells and Paddy Riley) gave an update on the ongoing success of the Bramcote Today Website; the site generates on average 4800 visits a month.

The meeting discussed a number of consultations in some depth: the Core Housing Strategy, the Bramcote Hills Golf Course, and new arrangements for car parks in the Bramcote area. Please see the separate items below.

The next meeting of the Bramcote CAT is scheduled for Monday 26th March 2012, once again in the Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote. The meeting starts at 7pm. All welcome


Love Where You Live Campaign

At a the recent meeting of the Bramcote CAT, Jane Hutchinson, Waste and Recycling Assistant, Broxtowe Borough Council outlined the Love Where You Live campaign, a national campaign beingdelivered over 2 years by the Tidy Britain Organisation.  BBC have taken this on board as it fits in with their Corporate Plan, there have already been litter picks and cleanups throughout the borough e.g. at Attenborough Nature Reserve. JH offered to co-ordinate litter picks/cleanups in Bramcote and there is the opportunity to propose suitable sites. Please send any suggestions to me and I will pass them on to Jane.


Bramcote Today Back on the Awards Trail

Broxtowe Borough Council has once again been commended at a national awards ceremony for its involvement in setting up the community-based website, Bramcote Today. The project has been shortlisted for two categories at next month’s UK Public Sector Digital Awards.


Field Farm, Stapleford

Developers have published information about their proposals to build a new housing estate on Field Farm in Stapleford. Their proposals are at http://www.fieldfarm.info. The idea is to gauge public reaction to the proposals prior to an official planning application being made. Please do take a look and respond accordingly. A formal application is in process and details will appear http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk very soon.


Bramcote Hills Golf Course

The informal proposal that has been put forward for a possible retirement village on the former Bramcote Hills Golf Course has resulted in considerable debate both online on the Bramcote Today website and at the recent Bramcote CAT meeting. My colleague David Watts also conducted an online survey to gauge initial public reaction to the proposal.

Here are some of my own thoughts on this matter: 

Current status of the land - This is protected land. Under current policies there is no possibility of building on it.


History of proposals for use - Following a public meeting to discuss the possibilities for future use of this land it was suggested to the owners that they make the land available for public access. The views from the land are stunning and people and wildlife could enjoy it together. This has not happened and the area has now been boarded up for 2 years. No other proposals have been forthcoming until now.


Current proposal - There is now an informal proposal (still very vague, no details) about the possibility of building a retirement village on part of the land. This would occupy part of the site with the rest being handed over for open public use. In consideration of this I was asked to look at the Larkhill retirement village in Clifton. I was very impressed with it. I had a guided tour and met the people who live there. It is a fantastic place and people are very happy there. I would love something like that to be available locally with access for local residents who would want to use such a facility. Such a facility would (in my view and is also the view of local older people who have written to me and telephoned about this) be a wonderful local asset. This would be the case wherever it was built.


Current actions and responses - David Watts and I have initiated a discussion on what people think about the possibility of a retirement village being created somewhere in the Bramcote area and possibly on the golf course. The main impression we are getting is that some people would like to look further at the idea, but rather more people would not. However, many people say they would like to see a more definitive location and more definitive plans before coming to an opinion. So far, no definitive proposal has come forward. I saw a draft plan and my immediate reaction to it was that it was too large.


What will happen now? - In the absence of a firm proposal, this idea will go nowhere. Also I hear on the grapevine that there is considerable interest in creating a retirement village in other locations in Broxtowe. Frankly, if one is built it is likely to be elsewhere where there is less negativity to such a scheme. I think this is a shame because I want the people I represent to have the very best facilities available to them.  Also, I do not want the golf course to remain boarded up for ever. This is good for wildlife I agree, but what a waste of such a beautiful area, which Bramcote residents could enjoy in one way or another.


Consultation on New Car Parking Proposals

Many thanks to those who sent in their comments on the initial proposals for restrictions on car parks in the Bramcote area. In consequence these have been modified with some proposals having been dropped.

The current proposals, which will now go out for formal consultation, are: 

Bramcote Leisure Centre - It is proposed to charge £3 to park for over 3 hours but with no charge for up to 3 hours. This will apply from 8am to 3pm every day. This is because people are using the car park for commuting and this is taking up much needed space for users of the Leisure Centre.

King Georges Park (Town Street Car Park) - It is proposed to limit parking to 3 hours in the period 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. This is to discourage people from parking there all day and taking up much needed space for park users. Parking will remain free of charge.

Bramcote Hills Park (Coventry Lane Car Park) - Previous proposals tointroduce a charge of 30p for up to 2 hours and 60p for over 2 hours from 9am to 6pm every day have been dropped following the earlier consultation.


Highways Agency Questions

Here is a copy of the letter I have just sent to the Highways Agency:

At a recent community meeting three points were raised that, as the local councillor, I was asked to pass on to you:

  • Can the 40mph limit be emphasised by painting 40 on the carriageways at appropriate points on the A52?

  • The County Council is waiting for a response from you to a question on placing a weight restriction on Town Street, Bramcote and apparently the delay is because no response has been received. Local people have been waiting for this restriction for years and are keen to see it in place. Can you chivvy up the people who need to respond to this?

  • A resident reported that there are lights out on the A52 between Bardills Island and the bridge at the Sherwin Island, specifically EL1331 has been unlit for a year. I was asked to report this once again.

Finally, from me, I used the new pedestrian lights at Thoresby Road last night. It is great to have them, BUT I am not sure they are working properly. When crossing the Nottingham bound side the lights did not turn to pedestrian green even though all traffic was stopped. I had to walk over on red.

Many thanks

Cllr Stan Heptinstall


Application for Convenience Store License

An application has been made or a license to sell alcohol as part of the provision at a Convenience Store on Ewe Lamb Lane. The shop was previously a hairdresser. Local people remember some antisocial behaviour that occurred some years ago that was associated with alcohol sales at the same shop and are opposed to the granting of a license. The Licensing Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council will decide the issue. The application is for a license up to 9pm on weekdays and 8pm on Sunday.


Bramwell Care Home – final decision 

Many of you will know that I have been critical of the County Council’s decision to sell Bramwell and five other care homes to the private sector (in what has been described as The Sale of the Century) and that I referred the decision to the District Auditor. I asked him to look carefully at the sale and to consider whether the sale was in the best interests of Nottinghamshire residents.

Here is the District Auditor’s reply [pdf]

In a nutshell the District Auditor says that the County Council followed the proper legal procedures to enact the sales and that the Council had the right to sell the homes on the terms agreed. I am disappointed with this outcome, but feel I am unable to pursue this any further. Best efforts should now be made to ensure that present and future residents of Bramwell receive the best care that is available to them. I will continue as “A Friend of Bramwell” in this regard. I have asked the County Council to arrange a visit to an existing home run by Runwood Homes for any members of the Friends of Bramwell who would like to attend, and the County Council has agreed to do this.


Day Care for Local Residents

Some months ago the Bramwell Day Care Centre was moved to Barncroft in Chilwell. However, the Barncroft Centre is in need of refurbishment and will close this month to enable that refurbishment to take place. This will take many months to be completed and in the meantime elderly users will be dispersed to other centres for day care. I have asked for details of the alternative centres that will be used but I have not yet received this information. While welcoming the refurbishment I think it is a great shame that our own elderly people are not yet settled following the move from Bramwell. Of course, they were moved from Bramwell to facilitate the sale of the care home to Runwood Homes.


Report to Broxtowe Borough Council

As Cabinet Member for Environment on Broxtowe Borough Council I produce a report for presentation at each meeting of the Council.  My latest report was presented on 14 December 2011 is available for you to read [pdf].


Silver Surfers Group

Those over 50 years of age wishing to learn more about using a computer to access the internet, send emails and much more can do so byjoining Silver Surfers who meet at St Michael’s Church Hall, Church Street, Bramcote on Thursdaysbetween 1–3pm. Admission is £3 including refreshments. Absolute beginners are very welcome. Contact Anne Curnock on 0115 9259116.


The Duckpond, Ilkeston Road

Discussions are about to take place on how best to deal with silting problems at the duckpond on Ilkeston Road. Local residents will be involved in these discussions.


Stapleford Library

Following a recent cut in opening hours at Stapleford library there are now proposals to partially reverse this. The intention is to increase hours of opening from 26 to 31 hours a week. It looks as though the original cut in hours is now seen as too much too soon.



The Nottingham-based charity Framework has celebrated its 10th anniversary with publication of Ten years of helping people to help themselves. The publication charts the history of the charity from the merger of Macedon and Nottingham Help the Homeless Association (NHHA); the development of new and better accommodation; the growth of services to prevent homelessness and the development of services to train and employ homeless and vulnerable people. The stories of 13 people who have benefited from Framework's support during the decade are included as examples of the results that can ensue. You can read the publication online at http://www.10yearsofframework.org. The publication describes the organisation’s fears for vulnerable people following recent large-scale funding cuts both nationally and locally.


Broxtowe WarmZone – FREE Home Insulation for All

FREE home insulation is available this winter to all homeowners, private landlords and private tenants living in the borough, regardless of age or benefits. This could result in savings up to £300 on energy bills for a large number of people. The offer runs until March 31st 2012. The offer is made possible through increased funding from Scottish Southern Energy secured by the Nottingham Energy Partnership. Please tell everyone you know about the availability of this offer.

Call 08455 390390 to arrange a survey or get further information from http://www.broxtowewarmzone.com


New Tree in Bramcote Hills Park

Bramcote History Group has donated a Black Walnut tree, which was planted in the arboretum in Bramcote Hills Park as part of National Tree Week.


Model Cars on Moor Lane

I have received some complaints about the noise generated by a model car club that is using school land on Moor Lane, Bramcote on some Sunday afternoons. The club does not have permission from the school for this activity and I am advised that such permission would not be forthcoming. The school tell me they are monitoring the situation.


New Council Homes in Stapleford

Ten new properties have just been completed on Nottingham Road, Stapleford. I took the opportunity to look round them on viewing day and am delighted with them. They are built to modern day energy efficiency standards and form a welcome addition to Broxtowe Borough Council’s stock of council homes. They were built with funding from the Local Authority New Build Scheme.


Please Submit Nominations for a Broxtowe Partnership Award

This is the third year of the awards that recognise the contribution made by volunteers to the wellbeing of Broxtowe. There are several categories that people can be nominated for. See full details [pdf] 

The categories are:

  • a Safe Borough(for an individual or group who has worked to reduce crime and make our borough a safer place to live)

  • a Growing Borough (for an individual or group who has helped businesses to improve

  • a Healthy Borough (for an individual or group who has helped to put better health service facilities into their community or helped people to lead a healthier lifestyle)

  • a Clean and Green Borough (for an individual or group who has worked to make our borough a cleaner or greener place to live, or helped people become more environmentally responsible)

  • Children and Young People (for a child or young person up to the age of 18 years who has made improvements to their community or to the people living there)

  • a Happy Borough (for an individual or group who helps to make their community a better place to live and who helps everyone get on and work together)

  • Good Neighbour Award (for an individual who has helped people in their community to live more comfortably or safely in their homes.

Please do look to see if there is a person or a group that you would like to nominate. The closing date for nominations is Wednesday 29th February.


Please Submit Applications to the Broxtowe Action Fund

This fund provides grants of up to £600 to not for profit organisations providing services in the Borough of Broxtowe. See full details [pdf].

As an example, last year Silver Surfers in Bramcote applied for and obtained start-up money from this fund. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 29th February.


Smartwater Offer

South Notts Community Safety Partnership is able to offer Smartwater at a discounted rate of approximately £18. This can be purchased at Fox Security, Beeston – Tel: 0115 9221005, the current recommended price is £60 per kit for domestic properties.


Get Help with Jobs Around the House

If you are over 60 or disabled, you could get help with small jobs around your home with the County Council’s handy person scheme.

For a flat rate of £10 per session (up to four hours), plus the cost of any materials, one of the Council’s approved traders can put up shelves, fix loose carpets or carry out other small jobs. The scheme also offers a service which fits minor adaptations, such as hand rails or half steps, to help reduce the risk of people falling in their homes. A further flat fee of £10 per session applies but the materials for adaptations up to £250 are free. All the tradespeople have been checked by trading standards.

If you would like to benefit please phone 08449 80 80 80 or email natalie.hodgkinson@nottscc.gov.uk


Dr Margaret Colley

Dr Margaret Colley was the village GP in Bramcote for 35 years. She moved to Suffolk in her later years. Margaret died recently and a memorial event will be organised early this year in Bramcote, which everyone will be welcome to attend.

Dr Colley established a web site to reflect back on her life, and you can view this at http://www.margaretcolley.co.uk


The Big Tree Plant

Beeston & District Civic Society, together with Broxtowe Borough Council, is launching a project to replace as many as possible of the large trees along roads that are missing. They plan to locate areas in streets and on small grassy patches where extra trees will improve the appearance of the street, and they need your help to do this. When the sites have been chosen, the council will check suitability with regard to services below the pavement and liaise with Nottinghamshire County Council who has ultimate responsibility for the roads and footpaths. The council will apply for funding from The Big Tree Plant funding scheme. The Civic Society, with your help, anticipate planting the trees, which will be 8 – 12’ or so high (at planting), in Autumn 2012.  At that point they will need Tree Guardians - ideally the householder nearest the tree - to water and generally keep an eye on that tree for 2 to 3 years until it has matured sufficiently to be included in the council tree maintenance programme.

If you would like to take part or want more details please email Barbara Selwood at babsel@ntlworld.com


Dropped Kerb

Stapleford Baptist Church on Albert Street, Stapleford requested a dropped kerb adjacent the church entrance to assist wheelchair users arriving by bus.  Until recently they were using wooden wheel ramps to enable them to access the pavement, which of course is far from ideal.  The funding required to construct a pedestrian dropped kerb at this location has been acquired and the work has now been completed, I am informed.


Grit Bins

These are like gold dust at the moment and I have had a number of requests for grit bins turned down. However, I have been successful in extracting a promise of two bins to be placed at the top and bottom of Bankfield Drive.  This follows a request for such from a local resident.


Christmas Tree Recycling

The County Council has announced that they will provide a recycling service for Christmas Trees again this year, and will use it to raise money for the British Legion. Please take your trees to the nearest recycling centre, which is probably that at Lilac Grove, Beeston, NG9 1PF.

Details of the recycling scheme are available at http://www.veoliaenvironmentalservices.co.uk/Nottinghamshire/nottstreecyclecouk/


Age UK Notts

I have received the following information from Age UK Notts and have been asked to pass this on to others.

Age UK Notts aims to enhance the quality of life and promote the well-being of all older people in the City and County. It is the largest local independent charity providing direct services to older people from all communities and backgrounds in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. It is a registered charity (no. 1067881) and is the new name for Age Concern Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

The organisation is looking for new members who will enjoy the following: a range of fantastic benefits, deals and discounts at local restaurants, garages, tourist attractions, and gyms, together with access to a broad range of free and subsidised activities, including guided walks, Nordic walking, dancing, coffee mornings, trips, singing, Scrabble, courses, swimming lessons and crafts. Members also receive a quarterly magazine direct to their door and a monthly bulletin with up-dates on activities and discounts.  A “Members Only” area on the Age UK Notts website is also being developed.

Many people in later life experience some loneliness or social isolation. This could be through bereavement, retirement, or maybe a move to a new home. Membership can help overcome these feelings by providing an opportunity for people to make friends at a pace that suits them, in safe and welcoming settings. There is an experienced team of co-ordinators on hand to support people along their journey to making new friends, with encouragement and motivation. There are specific newcomer events, and members who volunteer a friendly face to welcome new people at other activities.

If you are interested in membership, please contact Liam Lambert on 0115 9933385 or go to the website at http://www.ageuk.org.uk/notts/


Erewash Valley Trail

Broxtowe Borough Council led the Erewash Valley Trail Partnership, which established the Erewash Valley Trail, and I am pleased to report that this group was shortlisted for a Green Guardians Award from the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. This reflects the efforts of the team which delivered this exciting project. They were runners up in the award category of "Environmental Community of the Year".