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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9774857
Mobile: 07792 987890

Fax: 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017

Email: cllr.stan.heptinstall@nottscc.gov.uk



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March 2011 update:   

Nottinghamshire County Council Budget

The budget for 2011/12 for Nottinghamshire County Council was hotly debated at a full meeting of the Council on Thursday 24th February. The budget proposed cuts of £87m. 34 councillors (all from the Conservative Party) voted for the budget and 29 voted against (all Liberal Democrat councillors and other opposition parties).

There was huge concern about the scale of the cuts that are being put in place and particularly the impact on the most vulnerable people in our society. Severe cuts in funding to organisations such as Framework, Citizen’s Advice Bureaus, Welfare Rights Services and Women’s Charities will increase the danger of people becoming homeless and reduce the help, advice and protection that can be provided to those who need it. Cuts such as these are not what the national coalition government intended when allocating reduced funds to local government. Indeed, funding for areas such as these were maintained. In Nottinghamshire, however, the Government’s advice has not been heeded.

Broxtowe Borough Council Budget

The budget for 2011/12 for Broxtowe Borough Council will be debated at a full meeting of the Council on Wednesday 2nd March. In contrast to the situation at the County Council, the Borough Council has been able to achieve savings through voluntary redundancies and staff redeployment rather than through major cuts to services. Also, no increase in council tax is proposed.

The actions that are proposed to deal with a reduction in government funding of 14.2% (just over £1M) have been provided for you to view [pdf 902KB]

Bramcote Community Action Team

Please remember the Bramcote CAT meeting on Monday 7th March at Bramcote Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote. This is the 40th meeting of the Bramcote CAT and it will see the launch of the Bramcote Today community website. The meeting starts at 7pm. 

Bramcote Today Website

The new community website for Bramcote is at http://bramcotetoday.org.uk 

It will be officially launched at the Bramcote CAT meeting on Monday 7th March. Many congratulations to all those involved in taking this new initiative forward

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Portfolio Report

As the portfolio holder (cabinet member) for the Environment Department on Broxtowe Borough Council I prepare a regular report for council members. You can view the report [pdf 107kb] that I will be present at the council meeting on 2nd March.

Bramwell Care Home

I have further bad news about the Bramwell Care Home, one of the homes that the County Council is in the process of selling to the private sector. One of the provisions at Bramwell is the facility for “intermediate care” for people who have been in hospital but not able to return directly to their homes. It turns out that prospective purchasers have no interest in providing this intermediate care facility, so this is to be withdrawn. There may also be a further decision on the future of the daycare facility at Bramwell. As a Friend of Bramwell and one who has advocated continually for the County Council to retain its care homes and all the excellent facilities in them, I am horrified by what is happening.

Walk-in-Centre Review

The decision on the future of the NHS Walk-in-Centre in Stapleford will be decided at a meeting on 24th March.

Accident on Hillside Road, Bramcote

The speed survey that followed the accident on Hillside Road, Bramcote in which a car overturned is ongoing. Nevertheless I am advised of the following considerations regarding what might happen in the future. Your views on these would be welcome.

1. Traffic calming. This isn't an option in terms of policy/justification and would be very costly. There are mixed feelings from residents on this option.

2. Speed Cameras.

In policy terms cameras would not be justified. The Safety Camera Partnership only deploys these at locations having a history of the most severe injury accident records. 

3. Flashing Interactive signing.

The provision of these is considered where minimum speed and flow criteria are met. The survey results are needed for this.

4. Other options.

Any other proposals can be considered but funding will be an issue. Hillside Road is very wide and this may contribute to higher speeds. Running lane widths could be significantly reduced by the introduction of central hatched road markings (two parallel centre lines with diagonal lined infill). This is just one idea.

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Upcoming Election

Once again it is election time. Polling Day is Thursday 5th May when residents will elect ward councillors to represent them on Broxtowe Borough Council. If you would like to vote by post rather than by attendance at the polling station and are not yet registered to do so, you will need to send a completed application form [pdf 172kb] to Broxtowe Borough Council.

Referendum on Voting in National Elections

Also on 5th May you will be able to take part in a referendum on whether the “first-past-the-post” system used in national elections should be replaced with the Alternative Vote method in which you put a 1,2,3 etc against your preferred candidates rather than an X against just one candidate. If your preferred candidate does not win, your vote is not lost; it goes to the next one in your preference list.

Broxtowe’s Art Exhibition

The Annual Art Exhibition, Indigenous Arts, will take place from Saturday 5th March to Saturday 19th March 2011 at Durban House Heritage Centre, Eastwood. There are six high quality one-day adult Art Workshops, a display of local children's Artwork and an exhibition with over 120 exhibits from local artists, many for sale.

More details are at www.broxtowe.gov.uk

Census 2011

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) carries out a census every 10 years to find out more about the people who live in England and Wales and the make-up of local neighbourhoods. The next census will take place on Sunday 27th March 2011, when ONS will be sending out questionnaires for around 25 million households to complete. Your local councils rely on census population statistics to identify local demand for public services.

Central government funding is directly related to census information, so even if the census were to end up just a few households short, it could make a very real difference to peoples' lives. You will need to answer a few questions about yourself and the people who share your household with you on census day, 27th March 2011. Everything you tell the census will be in strictest confidence and will only be used to produce statistics. ONS will not share your personal information with any other government department or organisation. You will be able to complete the form online or by post

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