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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9774857
Mobile: 07792 987890

Fax: 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017

Email: cllr.stan.heptinstall@nottscc.gov.uk



  • Health & Wellbeing Board

  • Mental Health Guardianship Panel

  • Planning & Licensing Committee

  • Standards Committee

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October 2011 update:

  • Bramcote Liberal Democrats- an invitation

  • Bramwell care home is sold

  • Closure of Stapleford Walk in Centre

  • Check out this company before you use it!

  • Housing consultation- be quick!

  • Broxtowe Borough Council commended

  • New car parking proposals in Bramcote

  • Hillside Road parking

  • Bramcote Community Action Team  

Bramcote Liberal Democrats- an invitation 

There is a meeting for Bramcote Liberal Democrats and their friends at 8 Cranston Road on Monday 3rd October. The meeting will start at 7.30pm. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. 

The Agenda is: Welcome (Stan Heptinstall); Report from the Liberal Democrat Conference in Birmingham (David Watts); Report on local matters (David Watts, Stan Heptinstall, Ian Tyler, Brian Wombwell); Any other matters (all).

Bramwell care home is sold

Following a 4 hour debate at County Hall the Conservative administration voted to sell Bramwell Care Home and 5 other care homes owned by Nottinghamshire County Council. All the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Independent councillors voted against the sale. We argued that the sale would lead to deterioration in the quality of care provided. In addition, the offer from Runwood Homes for (literally) the 6 best care homes in the County was so low that it is best described as “The Sale of the Century”. The 6 homes are being sold for £2.5 million against an actual valuation in excess of £18 million.

If you want confirmation of how Runwood Homes think that they can make the homes run at a profit, please tune in to the link below. There are news bulletins that report the sale at 0 hour, 1 hour and 2 hours into the link and there is an interview with a spokesperson from Runwood Homes at 2 hours 10 minutes into the link. The spokesperson says that when staff leave they will be replaced by staff who are less costly to employ. 

The programme can be found at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00k6gjy 

The situation at Bramwell is dire. To prepare for the sale the County Council has already closed the Daycare Centre and transferred the attendees to Barncroft in Chilwell. The Sheila Gibson Unit (which provides support for older people with dementia) will move out very soon and the staff will transfer to the Stapleford Care Centre. All that is left is a 59 bed care home with none of the additional features that made it unique as a care facility. Further, the actual bid for Bramwell was £359,000 and the County Council has to pay £650,000 to the NHS (which was a partner in building the home about 7 years ago) to obtain “vacant possession”. So it has actually cost the County Council £300,000 to give the home away to the private sector. Is this good use of your and my taxes that were used to build this home? 

I am a member of the Friends of Bramwell, a group chaired by Ken Burton who has a real passion for Bramwell and all that it provides. (It was Ken who first used the term "Sale of the Century") I will continue as a member of the group if only to show solidarity with the residents and staff as the home enters into new ownership.  

Closure of Stapleford Walk in Centre

The decision has been made that the Stapleford NHS Walk in Centre will close on 30th September 2011 at 6pm. This follows a huge battle to try to keep it open. I am disappointed with the outcome. 

The recommendations to patients from the NHS are as follows: 

  • Use your GP or local pharmacy as the first point of contact

  • If this is not possible ring the Out Of Hours service or NHS direct

  • Finally, go to the Emergency Department at the Queens Medical Centre if the situation is such that you need to

Please do let me know if these arrangements work out for you, or if they don’t. I would very much like to hear about how easily you are able to arrange an appointment at your GP and how quickly you are seen at the QMC. 

Check out this company before you use it!

Currently a company known as AQUACOTE or AQUASHIELD is operating in our area. If you are tempted to use their services, please note that the website that they advertise does not exist. Also, look at the information at:


The company is being interviewed by Nottinghamshire Trading Standards. 

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Housing consultation- be quick!

The consultation on housing in Broxtowe for the next 20 years closes very soon, so if you haven’t had your say yet please do. You can submit your response at www.broxtowe.gov.uk or by post to the Broxtowe Borough Council. 

Broxtowe Borough Council commended

Broxtowe Borough Council has been commended at a national awards ceremony for "delivering excellence" in five recent initiatives. These include a communication technology initiative to facilitate the Bramcote Today website. They were also commended in the best street cleansing and street scene, best parks, grounds and horticulture, best sports leisure and culture, and best partnership with a credit union categories. I am delighted that the council of which I am a cabinet member is being recognised for its work over such a wide range of areas.  

New car parking proposals in Bramcote

A consultation will be launched shortly on new proposals to restrict car parking in some hot spots in Bramcote. Comments on the proposals should be sent to Broxtowe Borough Council. Following the consultation Broxtowe Borough Council’s cabinet will review the responses and decide accordingly. The proposals are:

Bramcote Leisure Centre

Currently there are no charges or restrictions. It is proposed to charge £3 to park for over 3 hours but with no charge for up to 3 hours. This will apply from 8am to 3pm every day. This is because people are using the car park for commuting and this is taking up much needed space for users of the Leisure Centre.

King Georges Park (Town Street Car Park)

Currently there are no charges or restrictions. It is proposed to limit parking to 3 hours in the period 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. This is to discourage people from parking there all day and taking up much needed space for park users. Parking will remain free of charge.

Bramcote Hills Park (Coventry Lane Car Park)

Currently there are no charges or restrictions. It is proposed to introduce a charge of 30p for up to 2 hours and 60p for over 2 hours from 9am to 6pm every day. Over a period of time this will generate revenue to offer better visitor facilities in this very popular location.

Hillside Road parking

It is not illegal to park on the white lines on Hillside Road. Nottinghamshire County Council does not have a process in place to make parking on white lines illegal. This will be clarified at the next Bramcote CAT meeting.

Bramcote Community Action Team

The next meeting of the Bramcote CAT is on Monday 28 November at Bramcote Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote, The meeting starts at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

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