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Stan Heptinstall

County Councillor for:

Bramcote and Stapleford

Cllr Stan Heptinstall

Stan Heptinstall MBE
8 Cranston Road

Home: 0115 9164588
Daytime: 0115 9774857
Mobile: 07792 987890

Fax: 0115 9773954/w 0115 8231017

Email: cllr.stan.heptinstall@nottscc.gov.uk



  • Health & Wellbeing Board

  • Mental Health Guardianship Panel

  • Planning & Licensing Committee

  • Standards Committee

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September 2011 update:

Bramcote Community Action Team

The next meeting of the Bramcote CAT is on Monday 5th September in the Memorial Hall, Church Street, Bramcote, 7-8.30pm. The agenda will include an update from the police on local policing matters and a discussion on housing requirements in the wider Broxtowe area. All welcome. The agenda can be downloaded before the meeting.

Bramcote Today shortlisted for national awards

The Bramcote Today Community website came about after a presentation by the IT team at Broxtowe Borough Council, delivered to attendees at a meeting of the Bramcote Community Action Team. I have just heard that Bramcote Today has now been nominated for two national awards in recognition of a successful first six months online.

In the past month, the website has been shortlisted in the Best Information and Communication Technology category in the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Service Awards, as well as reaching the final of the Best Community Engagement category of the Some Comms Awards. For more information, please contact Kevin Powell on 0115 917 3214, or email kevinr.powell@broxtowe.gov.uk.

Comments from the Highways Agency

Following the last meeting of the Bramcote CAT I asked the Highways Agency for comments on several issues that had arisen locally. Here are is the response: 

“Dear Stan,

Thank you for your email dated 26/08/2011 requesting a response to your previous email.  As you already know Jeremy Dixon is on leave until 6th September so I will try to answer your questions, but should this not address your questions fully, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Traffic Island at Sherwin Arms a mess following clearance work

Regarding this section of your enquiry, the works are programmed in for works within the next two weeks, to include the vegetation, grass cutting and visibility issues.

Grass cutting- needs attention on a regular and programmed basis, both the central reservation and the grass verges

Our crews carry out grass cutting along the network from a safety point of view, e.g. visibility at junctions, please note we do not cut carry out cuts for aesthetic purposes. During the cutting we will use a retardant to slow the grass growth down, which negates the need to cut so regularly, but please note this does not kill the grass.

Restricted visibility at some access points e.g. Church St/A52 due to lack of cutting verges

Our Incident Support Units carry out the cutting of in excess of 700km in length of carriageway this year alone, and any other observations that the general public call into us are also actioned.

Lack of information to local residents when undertaking noisy work

In order for us to be able to address this section of your enquiry, could you please advise the dates and works to which you are referring so that we can investigate this further for you.

The other problem we encounter around this area are the complaints from the local residents about noise during the night which is making cutting the grass in this location very difficult as our contract states we can’t occupy the A52 between the hours of 06:00 and 20:00 any day of the week and we have now have to address the balance of trying to satisfy all of the local residents requirements.

Work not always undertaken at night which has caused chaos in recent past when the Nottingham bound carriageway was closed at Priory Island during early evening 

Aone+ try to avoid undertaking works at night.  The particular instance to which you refer possibly relates to an incident where our workers came across a Roman Well which caused the works to overrun with the time schedule due to the sensitive nature of the discovery.  A few days later a major water main burst which needed to be addressed.  For both of these we apologise, but as you can appreciate this was an unavoidable occurrence at this time and not something that does not happen on a regular basis.

Concern that additional traffic light controlled junctions being installed to increase journey time between Nottingham/Derby will make it more difficult for those road users accessing the A52 from side streets to get onto the A52

The forthcoming A52 scheme is intended to ease travel along this section of the A52 and should have no adverse impact on drivers joining the main road from the side roads. 

The Priory and QMC junctions will become signal controlled but these are already very busy roundabouts and signal control will allow priorities to be more closely matched to traffic demand on the approaches. In addition, the signals controlling the roundabouts will provide pedestrian and cyclist crossing facilities over all arms of both junctions, replacing the present crossings close to each of the roundabouts. A new crossing facility will be provided over the western A52 arm of the Thoresby Road junction. A new short section of bus lane will ease conditions for buses heading out of the City through the QMC roundabout.

We trust this answers your questions and apologise that Jeremy will be unable to attend your meeting due to his holiday commitments, but should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards. 

Customer Care Team
Area 7
26 August 2011”

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Heritage open afternoon at St John's College, Bramcote, with the Bramcote History Group 

This is an opportunity for us all to go behind the scenes in a Theological College and listen to talks on the history of the Grade II Listed building ‘The Grove’, hear St John’s students talk about their experience of training for ministry and have a tour of the grounds taking in the parkland and Orangery. At the same time we can see Bramcote History Group displays including Bramcote 1900-1920 and Bramcote and World War One with copies of Remembering The People of Bramcote on sale. The event is arranged for Saturday 10 September 2011, 2pm to 5pm at St John’s, Chilwell Lane, Bramcote. All welcome.

Bramcote Old Church Tower

Tour this 13th century church tower and grounds on Town Street, Bramcote. Activity packs will be available for children. The tower will be open on Saturday 10th September: 10am-5pm and on Sunday 11th September: 12pm-5pm. Further details at: http://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/directory/HOD012297E.

Stapleford Carnival

The Stapleford Carnival is on Saturday 3rd September. The carnival parade starts from Bessell Lane at 12.30pm and proceeds along Derby Road - The Roach - Church Street - Hickings Lane - Ilkeston Road and will end at the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground at approximately 1.30pm. The gates are open at the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground at 12.30pm.

Webcasts at Bramcote Crematorium

Bereaved friends and relatives unable to attend the funeral of a loved one can now do so from anywhere in the world thanks to a new internet broadcast service at Bramcote Crematorium. Bramcote Crematorium is amongst the first sites in the East Midlands to offer the facility and has already held five such broadcasts, allowing bereaved friends and relatives to feel part of the service from as far away as Thailand and Tasmania.

The new internet broadcast facility gives the bereaved an opportunity to come together to celebrate the life of a loved one – even when they are unable to make it to the service in person for whatever reason. Family and friends with access to the internet can go online from anywhere in the world to watch and even participate in a service in real-time or whenever is convenient up to 10 days after a ceremony has taken place. The Crematorium hopes that the introduction of this high-quality, confidential service will help bring bereaved friends and relatives closer to their loved ones at such difficult times.

The internet broadcast service uses fibre optic cables to provide a high-quality stream, allowing the bereaved to remember their loved ones through a secure and closed internet broadcast. Family and friends may also access the broadcast using their unique username and password for up to 10 days after the ceremony and DVDs are also available. Bramcote Crematorium was built in 1979 in a joint venture between Broxtowe and Erewash Borough Councils. The Crematorium is set in 18 acres of natural woodland and conducts some 3,000 cremations a year – making it one of the busiest in the UK. For more information, please contact Bramcote Crematorium on 0115 922 1837, email bramcotecrem@btconnect.com
or visit http://www.bramcotecrematorium.org.uk.

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Missed bin? Report it by text

Residents will be able to report a missed bin collection direct to the Council’s Waste and Recycling teams – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – by text message from September, thanks to the introduction of a new reporting service. Residents who report a missed collection in this way will receive an acknowledgement via text message before their collection is rescheduled through the Council’s back office systems.

Further information about this new service will be available from September. For more information in the meantime, please contact Darren Maycock on 0115 917 3252 or email darren.maycock@broxtowe.gov.uk/.

Broxtowe Sport Triathlon - entries invited

The Broxtowe Sport Triathlon will be held on Sunday 4 September at Bramcote Leisure Centre starting from 7.30am. The event involves three activities linked together to make one exciting challenge. The triathlon includes a 400m pool swim, an 18K bike ride out to Awsworth and back, and finishes with a 5K run around Bramcote Park. It is a fantastic opportunity to TRI something new, so why not challenge your friends, family and work colleagues and enter today!

To enter the event, please visit www.broxtowe.gov.uk/sportsevents. Entry starts from £16 per adult and £6 per junior. Minimum age for the adult event is 15 years and 8 years old for the junior event. Junior distances are available on the website and will take place within Bramcote Park. For more information please contact Broxtowe Sport on 0115 9173572, email sport@broxtowe.gov.uk 
or visit the web page above.

Leisure Centre deals for full-time students

Students looking to make their money go further this academic year can now take advantage of an all new discounted fitness membership offer at three local leisure centres across Broxtowe Borough. Broxtowe Borough Council will launch its new nine-month student membership package this September for full-time students wanting to keep fit throughout the academic year.

For a one-off fee of just £179.95 plus £9.95 joining fee, full-time students can enjoy a whole host of benefits available to Vitality Health and Fitness Members at Bramcote, Chilwell Olympia and Kimberley Leisure Centres.

Members have unlimited access to the Council’s three fitness suites with over 200 fitness stations, two swimming facilities, six fitness studios and the health suite at Bramcote Leisure Centre, complete with spa, steam room and sauna.

This student membership also opens doors to the Council’s team of qualified, friendly staff who will help you towards your fitness goals with a free induction, free tailor- made training programme and free parking at each leisure centre. For more information, please contact your local leisure centre using the details provided below: Bramcote Leisure Centre – 0115 917 3000 or email bramcotelc@broxtowe.gov.uk.

Broxtowe Borough Footsteps Festival

The Broxtowe Borough Footsteps Festival is encouraging everyone to put on their walking boots between the 3rd and 11th September 2011 to join in a celebration of walking in and around the beautiful borough. It is a great way to get active in a relaxed and friendly environment with all the family and friends. The festival leaflet lists over 35 different themed walks to suit all interests, ages and abilities, including: nature walks, walks with the ‘Walk and Talk’ community walking for health group; buggy walks for new mums and dads, a Community Safety walk, orienteering, taster sessions in Nordic Walking and much more. A Footsteps Festival booklet is available to download or can be obtained by calling 0115 917 3711.

The festival kicks off with a walk at Bramcote Hills Park on Saturday 3 September - meet at 11.30am - which will culminate at the Stapleford Carnival site at 1.00pm on Ilkeston Rd, Stapleford just in time to enjoy the carnival activities. There will be a stand on the carnival site with information about walking and other healthy activities for the novice and expert alike.

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Conservation Areas Appraisals- Stapleford

All the conservation areas in the borough are being appraised during a four-year programme that started in 2007. A comprehensive appraisal of the character of a conservation area provides a sound basis for development control and for developing initiatives for enhancement projects. In due course these will be incorporated into management plans for the conservation areas. The Planning Policy Working Group reports on the appraisals and recommendations are made to Cabinet as follows: 
Stapleford - There was a small extension proposed to the Church Street Conservation Area, to include properties fronting the north side of Albert Street. No boundary change was proposed to the separate Nottingham Road Conservation Area. Almost everyone responding to the public consultation was in favour of the proposed extension along Albert Street, apart from agents on behalf of Castle College.

Cabinet has therefore resolved to adopt the Stapleford Conservation Areas Appraisals and to designate an extension to Church Street Conservation Area. For more information please contact Martin Rich on 0115 917 3468.

Walk-in Centres Closure- further information

On the 8 July 2011, the Secretary of State for Health upheld the PCT’s decision to close Ashfield and Stapleford Walk-in Centres, and provide services in the local community and in a primary care service at the Emergency Departments, which offer the same or better quality service.

In the letter from the Secretary of State, there were a number of recommendations for the PCT to consider in the implementation of the changes to the Walk-in Centre services. The recommendations were:

  • Clarity from the users’ perspective about how enhanced primary care, better access to GP services and their local A&E departments will combine to match or indeed better that is currently on offer, both in normal hours and out of hours.

  • Implementation plans demonstrating the capability and commitment of the relevant providers (primary and secondary care), to deliver the proposed services to agreed standards.

  • A comprehensive public communications programme that provides reassurance to the public and improves their confidence in local services.

  • Effective evaluation of the changes and a process of review and amendment as required. 
Due to this decision, the Walk-in Centres in Nottinghamshire will close at the end of September. Both Ashfield and Stapleford Walk-In Centres will close on Friday 30 September; Stapleford Walk-in Centre will close on at 6.00pm, and Ashfield Walk-in Centre at 8.00pm. 
Before and following the closure, patients will be informed of how to access local primary care services either at their GP practice or pharmacist. However, if this isn’t possible, and as a last resort, patients can access primary care services at the local Emergency Department, either at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, or King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield. It is important that patients get the right care, in the right place, first time and for almost all current users of the Walk in Centres, this is their GP or local pharmacist. 

The PCT and local Clinical Commissioning Groups (High Point Health and Nottingham West) have indicated that their actions will be as follows:

  • Ensuring robust communications are planned from the beginning of September to notify the current patients who use the service and the public prior to the closure of the centres, and how they can access primary care services locally. This includes information on the new female GP and the 2,000 free patient registration places at Kirkby Community Primary Care Centre, the extended hours offered by GP surgeries, how to access the Out of Hours service in the local area, how to use local pharmacies and when they are open, and self help, including accessing NHS Direct.

  • Working with GP practices where patients who use the Walk-in-Centres have told us there are access issues to resolve this and therefore improve services for patients.

  • Working to try and secure alternative employment for the small number of walk-in centre clinicians affected by the change so that we can continue to use their skills in the local health community to support more patients to receive services closer to home.

  • Implementing performance measures that will be reviewed monthly, and includes a review of complaints and calls to the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) about access to local services. All performance issues will be robustly managed.

  • Using appropriate performance measures to ensure providers of both primary and secondary care maintain the appropriate skill mix of staff and high standards of care to agreed standards. 
PCT representatives will be presenting the implementation plan to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) on Monday 5 September 2011. 


For more information please contact Rhiannon Pepper, Head of Communications NHS Nottinghamshire County on 01623 673128 or email Rhiannon.pepper@nottspct.nhs.uk.

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Congratulations to Katelyn Severn

Katelyn Severn from Bramcote, 18 years old, is going to the Genee International Ballet Competition 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa to represent the UK in this prestigious competition which is open to 16-19 year olds who have passed the Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 2 examination with Distinction.  To take part in the Genee competition is the pinnacle of achievement for students of classical ballet who are not professional dancers.  Less than 100 dancers worldwide qualify each year to enter.  Many congratulations Katelyn.

Congratulations to Joe Humphries

Following attendance at Team England U14's School of Excellence on ice training, Joe Humphries from Stapleford, whose sport is ice-hockey, has now received a letter telling him that he has been successful in being selected for the England Squad of 24 players for the 2011-2012 season. This is a fantastic achievement and all of Joe's family and friends are very proud of him. Congratulations on making the squad Joe. We are proud of you too.

Gateway signs

The gateway signs at the boundaries of Bramcote and Stapleford have now been completed. Thanks to Cllr David Grindell for his efforts in achieving this.

Recent disturbances

During the recent disturbances nationally a considerable number of actions were needed to safeguard people and properties in the Broxtowe area just in case the disturbances spread here. This entailed a great deal of thought and effort particularly by staff in the Environment Department at Broxtowe Borough Council.

As the cabinet member for Environment I was moved to send the following email to the senior staff in the Department: “
From all I have heard from various sources it is well recognised that our Department did a superb job over the last few days, so this email is to thank all of you for the part that you played. Your determination to put in place preventative measures throughout the Borough encouraged others to play their part, businesses, churches and so on.  Well done to all of you. I am proud to be associated with you all. Please do pass on the Borough's thanks to all of your staff. You are a great bunch of people.”

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